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Started With a Dream and an Old Family Recipe

Armed with a dream and an old family sausage recipe, Thomas and Ann Carroll founded Carroll’s® Sausage in Ashburn, GA in 1988. Their idea was simple: please customers with the finest, best-tasting sausages around. Before long, the business was a hit. Every customer that passed through Thomas and Ann’s doors was impressed by a sausage recipe that had been passed down and refined for generations.

Beyond World Famous Southern Sausage 

In 2001, Hugh Hardy, Jr. purchased the business (and it’s world-famous sausage recipe) from the Carroll family. Hugh had a deep passion for the business and a powerful vision to expand it. Over time, Carroll’s® Sausage grew to include more meats, hundreds of grocery items, dozens of homegrown Southern condiments and a hot foods counter that serves breakfast and lunch. What began as a small butcher shop became a full-fledged country store.

Quality Meats, Sausages & Georgia Grown Artisan Products

Now known as Carroll’s® Sausage & Country Store, Hugh still offers the highest quality meats and sausages along with being a destination for Georgia Grown artisan products. Hugh’s business continues to satisfy thousands of customers every year. The store still makes its home in Ashburn, GA, right off I-75. Situated on this busy interstate, Carroll’s® is an oasis for weary travelers moving through Georgia and Florida. The business has also settled in Sylvester, GA.

Carroll’s® Sausage & Country Store was founded on the belief that hard work, quality products, and superior service would build success. While the business may have grown, these core values remain the same. Carroll’s® still provides the best food and still puts a smile on the face of every customer.

Old Fashioned Butcher Shop and Custom Cut Meat

Carroll’s® now makes over forty varieties of sausage using the old family recipe. We also make our own snack sticks and beef jerky available in over seven different flavors. We are an old fashioned butcher shop where we custom cut your meat to order. We carry beef and pork as well as specialty meats such as frog legs, quail and rabbit. We also have chicken available in our Ashburn store. We have a large variety of sauces and seasoning as well as honey, syrup, jams, jellies, and preserves, many of which were made right here in Georgia. Some of our Georgia Grown products include honey from Weeks Honey Farm, award-winning Wisham’s pepper jellies and pork skins from Nether’s Skins. We also have a wide variety of frozen vegetables available seasoned with our own bacon ends.

Please stop by or give us a call at 229.567.2355 to place an order to be picked up or shipped right to your door. We hope to hear from you soon!

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