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 We're excited to bring you a summer filled with fun, delicious food, and fantastic promotions in partnership with Bob and Sheri. Here's what we have in store for you:

LamarBQ - June 10th - Bob and Sheri Facebook Live!  

Mark your calendars for the LamarBQ on June 10th - the ultimate barbecue event of the season! Follow Bob and Sheri on Facebook and connect for a sizzling and slathering extravaganza, where we'll be showcasing our mouth-watering sausages and our newly launched Slather® Burger's! Learn how to create the perfect slather for your summer grill. You'll have a chance to win a party-ready cooler filled with goodies from Bob and Sheri as well as a $50.00 Carroll's® Slatherin'® Burger Package. Don't miss out. Bob and Sheri, Lamar and Hugh will bring you a night of delicious fun!

Meat My Dad Promotion - Father's Day

Celebrate Father's Day in style with our Meat My Dad promotion!. We want to hear your heartwarming, funny, and inspiring stories about your dad. Share your favorite dad story with us, and you could win a $200 gift certificate from Carroll's® Sausage and Country Store. It's a chance to show your dad some love and start off his summer right!

Meet My Dad

Grillin and Chillin Summer Fun Pack Promo

Make your summer cookouts even more enjoyable with our Grillin and Chillin Summer Fun Pack. Get everything you need for a fantastic barbecue - from our delicious sausages to our amazing Carroll's® Slatherin'® Burger Package. With our promo code BOBANDSHERI15, you can stock up on all your grilling favorites and create memorable moments with family and friends. 

At Carroll's® Sausage and Country Store, we're committed to providing you with top-quality products and an exceptional grilling experience. Explore our website to discover our wide range of savory sausages, mouth-watering burger patties, and flavorful slather sauces. For a limited time, use BOBANDSHERI15 for 15% off selected items. 

Make this summer a sizzling success with Carroll's® Sausage and Country Store. Order online or visit our store today to kickstart your summer fun.

Carroll's® Slatherin'® Burger Package

Carroll's® Slatherin'® Burger Package

All you need in one convenient package to serve up these delicious burgers. Package includes Ground Beef Patties (8 pack), Sliced Smoked Pork Bacon, Onions (whole), Smoked Gouda Cheese, and Carroll's® Slatherin'® Sauce. Recipe instructions are included within package. Buns not included.